MMM: Audi A1

Sorry for the lack of MMM last Monday. One Of Those Weeks.

Mark sent me an article about the upcoming Audi A1. Unfortunately it’s in Swedish so I haven’t a bull’s* notion what it says, but I must look into it later so I’ll report back if I spy anything interesting.

Audi A1

Not bad looking in general, nice pillarless design, but what’s going on with that silver swoosh at the roofline?

* Have I gone overboard with the apostrophe there?

6 thoughts on “MMM: Audi A1”

  1. Ugh, I’m not a fan. Never liked the look of the Audi TT, hate the roundiness. Is that the engine in the back seat on picture 21/22?

  2. Looks more like a flux capacitor to me.

    I’ve always liked the first TT, despite the hairdresser looks, although it was a shame that spoiler had to be added. The second one has grown on me in a Nissan Z sort of way, and I’ve never been as annoyed as some by the gaping mouth look. I think it was seeing the RS4 spider ad before actually seeing it on the road that did it. This one looks blander every time I look at it though.

  3. It’s an electric motor (the concept car is a hybrid, and the electric motor and battery pack is good for around 100 km).

    Don’t you think the Audi grille makes it look a bit like the cars have goatees?

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  5. James Audi

    Hybrid system is the most impressive feature in the vehicle. It can make sure pretty good mileage. The vehicle doesn’t have many impressive features.

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