Bring me the head of the person responsible…

…for the traffic lights and 60kph speed limits on the N25.

I mean, seriously, only a moron would put traffic lights in instead of a flyover when three large local businesses would be feeding into such a busy road, and only a complete moron would keep working on it when one of the businesses announced a two year delay.

Yes boys and girls, the scumbags in Amgen pulled the plug on the Cork plant. They say the project has been indefinitely postponed, but we already know they’re lie through their teeth, so that’s that. Now we’re left with a dual carriageway with traffic lights and a 60kph speed limit, that doesn’t actually deal with one of the major arteries into it.

Seriously, I want that guy’s head. I want to play football with it. I’m pretty sure I won’t have a problem putting a team together. I could probably start a tournament.

(BTW, I’m running a book on when the Gardaí will start enforcing that speed limit. By rights they should wait a while now, but don’t forget that comfy little weighbridge shed at just the right spot. If there’s a kettle in there, the odds could rise dramatically.)

(Thanks for the heads-up Despod.)

3 Responses

  1. That little hut is already a popular spot with the Gardai. Those lights are seriously retarded. The best bit is the quarry at the to of the hill offered to build a flyover at their own expense years ago and were refused.

  2. I’d heard that alright. The person responsible for that part of the county has to be a drooling vegetable.