Google Docs Multiple Export

For some bizarre reason it’s impossible to export multiple files from Google Docs without using a Greasemonkey script, despite the fact that (apparently) the functionality used to be available in Google Docs’ predecessor, Writely.

I want to request this feature, but the growing control-freakery in the company put paid to the direct feedback forms that used to accompany all of their services. So I’ve added my voice to this thread on the subject, and I’d appreciate it if you’d add your voice too if you’re a user.

Is Google ever going to get user-friendly again I wonder? Or was that solely to gain market share? Don’t forget Google, if you’re only competing on functionality, you’d better make damn sure you stay ahead of the field. If you don’t you’ll get fucked, not to put too fine a point on it.

3 responses

  1. Adam,

    have you tried Zoho? They may have this functionality if you need it.

  2. Zoho is very confused, and I don’t see any multiple export functionality. Given the slapdash layout, I don’t think I could put them anywhere above a par with Google.