Jaguar XF

It took long enough, but it looks like Jaguar is finally back in the game with their replacement for the awful S-Type. The lines of the new car are lovely – aggressive but elegant – and the swish interior follows the same recipe, without overdoing it like Lexus.

There are cues from other cars here but Jaguar seem to have moved on from the dreadful bit-for-bit antics of the late nineties, when they rolled out an XK that was difficult to tell apart from the DB7, the aforementioned awful Rover 75 clone, and their dire Mondeo-in-all-but-name, the X-Type.

The rear light-cluster is definitely reminiscent of the DB9, but only enough to pay homage to the master of British coupé building. Jaguar have proved with the wonderul XJ that saloons are what they’re good at, so perhaps they should concentrate on becoming the master of British saloons again, and leave coupés to Aston? Or is the next E-Type in the works?

Via Jalopnik.