Book Depository Makeover

Well done to Book Depository for – finally – updating their website with a new look. I first thought they had added new features too – a blog, for example – but it turns out they were there all along. I just didn’t notice because of the awful design. :)

I switched to BD in May of last year because of Amazon’s arrogance, and I haven’t looked back since. Dealing with the shitty site was annoying, but acceptable given the amount of time I spend on the site — I hit it about once a week to add a book to my saved list, and once a month to fire a few into a cart and buy them.

The books always arrive within a few days, in plain white padded envelopes instead of showy logo-splashed boxes that are easily spotted for nicking. And here’s something else refreshing: a contact page with an email address. And there’s more email addresses on the About page, if you want to talk to someone higher up.

And the managing editor wants to hear what you think of the site. And he listens, and responds, and asks for more feedback. And he posts his email address in case you want to comment privately. Are you paying attention Amazon? How about you, and you See how chuffed people get when they’re not fobbed off?

One Response

  1. I’ve never bought from them directly. I have got stuff from them via Amazon marketplace several times though