Since I had Lipotrim coming out my ears and Volvic coming out of all of my other orifices, I’ve decided to take a break from the old diet for a fortnight, which means that I now have the opportunity to celebrate my thus-uncelebrated 35th birthday, and my impending doom happy engagement to the lovely T. Plus of course there’s the long, complicated process of organising my stag night, with all the associated discussions, fights, interventions, arrests, and ultimately duels at dawn. So set aside Friday week the 17th in your calendar for a few pints please. More details as we have them.

PS. 27.5 pounds so far, and really that extra half pound at the start was cos of a Johnny Fries a couple nights before I started. That’s just short of two stone, or the weight of this amount of water.

Water Water, Everywhere

Yes, I’m using bottles of water to visualise my weight loss. But still, not bad eh? Sorry for the journally-type post, but I’m dead chuffed.

4 Responses

  1. Woot Adam! I’m on a diet too, and I’m down around 21 lbs. It feels great to loose weight, I’m under 13 stone again, target of 12 to hit before the year is out, which is infintely do-able.

    Looking forward to the Wedding, the date should also be fine for the band to come along and upset, I mean, entertain your guests.

  2. Heh, long way to go before I can see 13 stone in the distance Owen! Well done yerself though!

    I’ll see you at a wedding in the meantime, so T can size ye up. ;)