Open Letter to Acer

Prompted by this idiocy.

From: Adam Beecher
Subject: “no demand for [linux] in the UK”

Dear Acer,

At some point in the next year I will be buying a laptop, and given’s Ubuntu’s progress on the desktop, it’ll likely be preloaded with Linux.

If you don’t have one, I can’t buy one from you. And with your company’s attitude, I might not buy anything from you.

Do yourself a favour, start talking to your customers instead of reporters, and fire your marketers. They haven’t a clue.

Neither do your HR people. Give them Cluetrain. Give everyone Cluetrain.

Adam Beecher

One Response

  1. A typical response from a corporate retard:

    Hello, Thank you for contacting Acer.

    Regarding your enquiry,

    Acer does not sell directly I’m afraid our sales model is for sale through
    distribution. It is for this reason that we cannot sell through shops and
    suggest you contact your local retailer that stocks Acer products to see if they plan on stocking machine with a Linux Operating System.