BT Ireland: Officially Retarded

After all I’ve been through with them, they just sent me a bill. I cancelled my account with them at the end of December. The line is dead. Try it yourself: 021 429 1443.

The number you have dialled is not in service.

Here’s my email to them. I kept short, so they don’t get confused:

I closed my account in December. See attached. Are you people retarded?

I swear to god, it’s only a matter of time before I go postal on these morons. Maybe that’s what they want? Or maybe they’re just suffering from institutional retardation.

2 thoughts on “BT Ireland: Officially Retarded”

  1. That was Sponge Bob’s domain James, not mine. I had the general sucks ones, with hyphen and without (someone posted it somewhere with the hyphen, so I registered that too). I left them both expire because I’m working with BT in CIX, but tbh their communication pretty much sucks too. Maybe I’ll register them again, leave them up there permanently.

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