Kodak starting a price war?

Inkjet printers aren’t the most exciting of things to post about, but Kodak’s upcoming foray into the multi-function market could stir things up a bit, with innovative cartridge designs and prices that should give the likes of HP a bit of a fright. I’ll be popping a note in my calendar to check out reviews of these babies in early April. Press release here, market backgrounder here.

Kodak EasyShare 5500

4 Responses

  1. Apparently it’s not as good as it seems. Kodak will use a single ink cartridge instead of separate ones for each colour. Once you run out of one colour ink then you need to replace all of them so savings might not be that much unfortunately.

  2. That post is a tad bizarre Donncha. This is a consumer-level printer, not a professional printer. How many consumer-level printers have you seen with separate cartridge for each colour? The biggest printer I’ve ever used is an old-skool Officejet 1100, and that had black and colour cartridges, just like every other HP printer I’ve ever used.