Can Irish bloggers pull off Exley?

So to speak. I’ve had this as a draft since the “Can Labour pull off innovation” item, but I never got around to actually writing it. In basic terms though, I think Exley will do his best to leverage the Irish blogging community – since just blogging on behalf of Rabbitte won’t be innovative enough – in the same way ye all do, pulling each other up by the bootstraps; and I’m wondering how the Irish blogging community will respond to that.

Obviously some will respond positively and some will respond negatively, and it will be interesting to see if those responses will be along party or philosophical lines (“Exley is a genius, this is how politics should be done”; “Exley is a spin doctor, this is bad for the political landscape”) or simply considered as just another angle on campaigning.

However I’m more interested in how the public – those are the people that don’t blog, boys and girls – will react to the bloggers. Will bloggers respond in a way that will drive the Internet forward as a valid campaign trail, or in a way that will solidify an image that the so-called “blogosphere” is a landscape of nerds, egomaniacs and stakeholders?

If there’s anyone here, Discuss.