Day: June 23, 2006

Can Irish bloggers pull off Exley?

So to speak. I’ve had this as a draft since the “Can Labour pull off innovation” item, but I never got around to actually writing it. In basic terms though, I think Exley will do his best to leverage the Irish blogging community – since just blogging on behalf of Rabbitte won’t be innovative enough – in the same way ye all do, pulling each other up by the bootstraps; and I’m wondering how the Irish blogging community will respond to that. (more…)

Nasty phishing opportunity on Citibank

Click the digg to see, or the thumbs for screenshots. It basically allows a third-party to frame their own content and receive form submissions with no warning prompts. The POC provides a citibank-skinned login form and sends an alert() onSubmit without the login details. It doesn’t prove that the data is being retreived, but there’s no reason to think they couldn’t. Shoddy workmanship on Citibank’s part, a bank should really do better than this.

citibank-2.png citibank-1.png

Software Wars

No doubt some people will take this seriously, I just think it’s a tad humourous. It’ll probably get more humourous the more people take it seriously.

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