Fisker Karma

Do I still have car fans?

This would appear to be the final production model. Corking!

Fisker Karma Front

Fisker Karma Rear

(Via Motor Trend.)

6 thoughts on “Fisker Karma

  1. Mark M says:

    Yes! Cars rock! (Says the driver of a Ford Focus estate).

    Of course, with the Porsche Panamera on the way, the Karma feels like a wannabe.

    Also, Porsche now sell branded children’s car seats. :)

  2. dahamsta says:

    The Panamera is a monstrosity Mark. As the lads from Top Gear pointed out on Sunday, it’s the last gasp of a design house with zero understanding of the words “progress” and “innovation”.

    The Quattroporte is another story, but I’d still prefer a Fisker if it doesn’t have the same problems as the Prius and Lexus hybrids; i.e. being as bad or worse for the environment.

    I might still prefer one anyway…

  3. Mark M says:

    Why this craving for innovation? I’d love a nice early seventies 911. If it was newly built, with modern safety bits and bobs, so much the better. Some things are good enough as they are; all extraneous innovation is superfluous.

    As for alternative fuels, I still think hydrogen is far better than electricity, even if I understand the logistical problems in building a whole new distribution infrastructure. Petrol engines can be modified to run on hydrogen. It’s (usually) cleaner to produce hydrogen than electricity. Also, I just like the word “hydrogen”.

  4. dahamsta says:

    Innovation is probably trumped by “style” in this case. Seriously, it looks like all Porsches since the seventies, excluding the cool ones!

    Hydrogen will rock, but we’re a long way off yet.

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