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Simon Singh Kicks Chiropractic Ass!

Brilliant news, well done Mr. Singh!

Ben Goldacre: The BCA have dropped their case. It has not been good for them. It will now get worse. Singh has made it clear that he will pursue them for his costs: this will cost the BCA dearly, and it is money they can ill afford. I’m off to write about it for the Guardian but I thought you’d like to know, BBC and Times pieces below. People who sue people over criticisms of science are fools. The BCA statement, meanwhile, is typically vile. Especially the bit where they talk about being vindicated. Oh, and amusingly this is Chiropractic Awareness Week. Yes. Yes it is.

Georgia To Euthanise Lane Hogs

(Well, maybe not euthanise. But they should definitely consider it.)

Fuck cabinet reshuffles of talentless hacks by pig molesters, this is the political news I want to see pop up in my feed reader!

The Augusta Chronicle: ATLANTA — Legislation to fine poky lane hogs is speeding along with a firm push from the House on Monday after a quick debate.

The House voted 129-29 in just seven minutes to pass and send to the Senate a bill that would set a minimum fine of $75 for any motorist driving less than the speed limit in the left lane who refuses to pull to the right when a faster vehicle approaches.

I still have one of these under my desk, never got around to fitting it as it needs to be sliced and flipped. I will though, I will…