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Mozilla Account Manager

This is brilliant, a Firefox account manager that standardises the handling of authentication on websites, including registration, login and logout handling, account cancellation, password changes, etc. It’s similar in some respects to the likes of LastPass, but it’s more focused on functionality than data, and in reality should actually be able to tie into current managers as a data store. Web application developers and major website owners need to implement this asap!

Account Manager is a prototype to dramatically simplify how you connect to sites. It implements a new protocol for websites to integrate with your browser, so you can sign in and sign out right from your toolbar. Look for the key icon, to the left of your URL bar.

(Also see the draft spec and the wiki page.)

Your Firefox Add-ons

Go on then, what gems have you that I haven’t heard of yet? Here’s my lot, with the ones disabled until I need them in italics.

  • Adblock Plus – Should be obvious. I disable in on sites I support. And so should you, on Foot.ie!
  • Add Bookmark Here 2 – Bookmark directly into a folder.
  • Download Statusbar – Downloads in the statusbar rather than Downloads Window, for easy access.
  • DownThemAll! – For downloading sets of files.
  • FireFTP – In-browser FTP client.
  • FireShot – For taking screenshots.
  • IE Tab – Load tabs in Internet Explorer, or send links to IE. Useless Irish banks.
  • Iterasi – For archiving web pages.
  • Menu Editor – New to my collection, what it says on the tin.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 1.0 – Can’t uninstall it. Typical MS.
  • Mouse Gestures Redox – As on the tin.
  • Nightly Tester Tools – I use this fella to load deprecated Add-ons. Must check I still need it!
  • Property Bee – Monitor properties on Daft.ie.
  • Tab Mix Plus – Tweak the hell out of your tabs.
  • Uppity – Lets you pop up a folder in the website tree.
  • Web Developer – For, like, web development dude.
  • Xmarks – Bookmarks synchroniser.