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You all know what I do, right?

It would appear that a lot of people don’t, and if I hear “I didn’t know you could help me with that” one more time I may actually burst. That would be messy and I’m sure we’d all prefer not to see the outcome.

So yes, I am a web developer – not a web designer, and never a webmaster – but these days my business card says “Internet Consultant”, because I do more than HTML now. Yes, I do still develop websites, but these days I can provide nearly every service needed to run a website in-house, including domain name registration, web hosting, SSL certificates, even dedicated servers and co-location if needed. I’m also a pretty good adviser.

None of those are just a handy sideline of my business either, I run my own servers in the CIX data centre in Cork, which I helped to found; and I manage several important domain portfolios, including one client with hundreds of domains.

So please, have a look at the Beecher Networks website if you have anything web or net-related coming up, and a nose around my LinkedIn profile for a review of what I do, and the recommendations people have given me.