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Ford GT Concept

I absolutely love this car — the Audi R8 profile, the Saab Aero X cockpit-style windscreen, the bizarre rear quarters with wonderful flying buttresses, even the engine sounds pretty good, for a V6.

The matching embedded exhausts and tail lights look great, the anthracite alloys with super-thin spokes are gorgeous, the carbon sills on the scissor doors look like something from /r/oddlysatisfying, the mirrors are just wonderful, and the interior looks swish without getting carried away.

They say it’s going into production. Where do I sign up?

(Apologies about the source, I’m not a fan of Shmee but to be fair to him, this was the best overview of the car.)

Empty Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate was closed this weekend for the first time since it opened in 1937. Pedestrians and some buses were still allowed on the bridge, but for the most part it would have looked like this:

Empty Golden Gate Bridge

They closed it to install central barriers, which they can reconfigure with this yoke, a “zipper”. It’s extremely cool, but would they not have painted it dayglo orange or yellow?

Airbagged Amazon

Deets here, build here. I hope to bring airbags to a 240 myself some day; I think I’d feel a little dirty putting them on an Amazon. That I shall rally in the Phoenix Park! I nearly owned a 123GT at one point, going for less than 5k. They go for 10-15 these days. :(