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Bobby Fingers

How did I miss these? Stop reading now and watch these, in order.

Inspector Sands

I knew about doctor codes, but not Inspector Sands. I wonder would I remember if it actually happened though. :)

Inspector Sands is a code phrase used by public transport authorities in the United Kingdom, including Network Rail and London Underground, to alert staff to a fire alarm without needing to evacuate the station. The exact wording depends on the station and the nature of the incident. For example: “Would Inspector Sands, please report to the operations room immediately.” or “Would Inspector Sands, please report to Platform 2.”

Long-haul steam trains taking on water

They could carry enough coal for long journeys, but not enough water, so some lad invented a system to collect it from troughs next to the rails.

Shit, am I a train nerd now? It started out with just loving the Tube, but I started watching Jago Hazzard videos and I think I might be a train nerd now.