ConsumerConnect.ie is a National Consumer Agency website I came across in a review on SiliconRepublic.com. Are all these new agencies and websites a precursor to a new era of customer-oriented business in Ireland? I’m not seeing it. Sure, companies say they’re more customer-focused, but in my opinion this is only happening because their services are getting worse. And the customer focus is pretty shoddy anyway, CS departments that talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. An ineffective CS department is worse than not having one at all. Ask UTV, who have the worst on the planet.

Bugbear of the week is An Post, who’ve lost mail sent to both my business and home addresses, and don’t seem to be able to correct the problem. Two parcels in the last two weeks to my home address, a vehicle licencing certificate and a cheque to my business address. That’s just the stuff I’ve spotted myself.


A clever city council. Bizarre.

Boing Boing, Evening Times: “The city council of Glasgow is fighting illegal handbills with science: they’re paying city workers to go around and stick “cancelled” stickers on all the illegal gig posters put up around town.”

RTE In “Not With It” Shocker

Oirish as ever.

SiliconRepublic: “RTÉ has decided not to agree to waive its copyright to the debates between the party leaders due to take place on Wednesday and Thursday. We believe that by making the debates available on the Rte.ie website anyone who wishes to analysis or review the debates is fully facilitated. The view has been taken that it would not be prudent for RTÉ to waive its rights to the migration of the debates to other sites.”