Delicious Links 15/08/2011

  • Attackers have advantage in cyberspace, says cybersecurity expert Another great commentary by Bruce Schneier. Basically, nothing has changed, nothing is secure, there’s no magic bullet, and there’s an awful lot of cyber-bullshit. Of course the mainstream media have their fingers in their ears when Bruce speaks, because it would mean they’d have to cut back on the fancy panic-graphics.
  • Ruinous banks won’t apologise or even explain I have AIB chasing me for missed biz CC payments at the moment, despite the fact that they always go through on the next draw, because it’s “not policy” to change the DD date to accommodate how my customers pay. Some of these customers already have me on 3 months payment terms, I can’t afford to get ahead into next month. But despite the fact that AIB, in part, are the root cause of this situation, they won’t budge on a simple accommodation. Fucking assholes.
  • NYT: Stop Coddling the Super-Rich By the super-rich Warren Buffett. Dear Govs US and IE — if you’re not listening to this man, you’re not doing your job properly. He /wants/ to be taxed. Fucking tax him already.
  • Colour pictures of the Blitz
  • World War II: The Battle of Britain – In Focus from The Atlantic

UPDATE 19:53: On AIB above, I should point out that the branch staff have been absolutely brilliant, in stark contrast to BOI. They sent me the letter, but only in response to word from on high that credit policy needs to be tightened. Only fault I can find is that, again like BOI, the person responsible didn’t provide a name, just a squiggle. Please people, have the balls to sign your letters.