Day: July 22, 2011

Suppressed Report Found Busted Pirate Site Users Were Good Consumers

Next time a pol cites studio or label guff, they should have their noses pushed in this, like a mongrel that crapped in the garden.

TorrentFreak: In fact, the study also found that Internet users treat these services as a preview, a kind of “try before you buy.”

This, the survey claims, leads pirate site users to buy more DVDs, visit the cinema more often and on average spend more than their ‘honest’ counterparts at the box office.

“The users often buy a ticket to the expensive weekend-days,” the report notes.

In the past similar studies have revealed that the same is true for music. People who pirate a lot of music buy significantly more music than those who don’t.

Obviously it would be of great interest to see the report in full, but it appears that is not going to be possible. According to an anonymous GfK source quoted by Telepolis, the findings of the study proved so unpleasant to the company that commissioned the survey that it has now been locked away “in the poison cupboard.”

Delicious Links 22/07/2011

  • Google Killing Labs Seems very odd to me, some of Google's best work has come from Labs. It looks like Google+ is part of a wider refocussing in Google. Not that there's anything wrong with G+ per se, it's a massive improvement on Facebook and Twitter, despite it's failings.
  • RIP Brendan Kehoe I only met Brendan a few times, but he was one of those fellas you instantly put in the "nice guy" category. It really does seem sometimes that only the good die young.
  • How Digital Detectives Deciphered Stuxnet Follow up to the Kaspersky interview, good overview of Stuxnet.
  • Interview with Evgeny Kaspersky Pretty typical stuff from an AV vendor, but interesting nonetheless.