Day: January 17, 2011

NSFW: Elephant Birth

Usually I’d share the elephant videos with the elephant-obsessed wifelet privately, but these are brilliant. If you’re at work, or just squeamish, you probably don’t want to load the first one, although you could load the second, it’s cute. The birth is incredible though, I actually cheered along and applauded. :)


MMM: 42l V12 Packard Bentley

It was a Bentley 8 Litre, now it’s a Bentley Packard 42 Litre. 1500hp at 2400rpm, 160mph. I use the word a lot, but I think it’s justified: Terrifying.


MMM: Revised Audi eTron

Despite being a general fan of Audi, I haven’t been mad about the eTron up until this point, especially the awful orange coup√© presented last year — I thought it best not to torture your eyes with it. The red spider rolled out at CES is nice though.

Audi eTron Spyder
Audi eTron Spyder