Follow Your Tweets As They’re Retweeted

Cool little webapp that maps your tweets as they get RT’d, developed by user tetsujin1979. Here’s the deets:

Hello, and welcome to ReTweetGraph, a site for displaying the progress of a tweet as it is retweeted by users and their followers.

Login at any time by using the login link on the left

Click Create Graph to begin creating a new graph.

Click Gallery link to see a list of previously created graphs

Click Links to see a list of related sites and a contact form

Yes, I should really have posted this on Twitter, but posts here are forwarded there anyway, and I’ll do anything to avoid actually visiting that goddamned awful website and the vast majority of total fucktards that populate it. Apart from my followers, obviously, salt of the earth donchew know. At least ye’re slightly more intelligent than FourSquare users. A bit.