Day: June 15, 2010

John Underkoffler does Minority Report

The reaction of the audience when he starts waving about is priceless. Once again, this is a long video (for the web), but keep going, the demos get even better as it goes on.

Open Source Vuvuzela Killers

This is why I love open source. Vuvuzela’s bugging the shit out of you while you’re trying to watch the match on your comp? Start VLC with this command line, or stick it in a batch file:

vlc –audio-filter=param_eq –param-eq-f1=233 –param-eq-f2=466 –param-eq-f3=932 –param-eq-gain1=-20 –param-eq-gain2=-20 –param-eq-gain3=-20 –param-eq-lowf=100 –param-eq-lowgain=15 –param-eq-q1=10 –param-eq-q2=10 –param-eq-q3=10

Or in Mplayer:

mplayer -af an=1:0.5:0.5, sinesuppress=233:0.01, sinesuppress=466:0.01, sinesuppress=932:0.01, sinesuppress=1864:0.01, sinesuppress=232:0.01, sinesuppress=465:0.01, sinesuppress=931:0.01, sinesuppress=1863:0.01, sinesuppress=234:0.01, sinesuppress=467:0.01, sinesuppress=933:0.01, sinesuppress=1865:0.01

Via Ghacks.