Jobs the Douche

This is why I don’t buy Apple stuff, although I fail to see why Giz appears so surprised. Apple has been obsessed with proprietary, propriety and their “privacy” since year dot, from the giant dick at the top to the “I vos just obeying ze orders” tools at the bottom. It’s just a swishy Microsoft that adds fashion-victim appeal and takes away even more freedom than MS. You bought it and bought into it, so deal with it and shut the fuck up.

Gizmodo: The censorship problem is not only about the 5,000 titillating apps that fell down in flames after Apple’s latest puritanic raid. Except for apps from well known slippery-when-wet publishing houses like Playboy, that raid closed the smutty graphic category entirely. The censorship problem goes a lot deeper than that, and it has affected mainstream publications already.