Day: March 9, 2010

Zuckerberg the Douche

I’m sure I’ve called Mark Zuckerberg a scumbag here before, usually because of his total disregard for privacy. This is the other reason.

I don’t feel all that sorry for the guys at Harvard that were done over, their handling of it must be a constant embarassment to the college with one of the most respected business schools in the world.

I don’t agree with the opinion that that’s “just how America works” though, and it certainly doesn’t stop Zuckerberg’s behaviour being that of a total doucehbag. I don’t doubt for a second that he’s still running the website and the business the exact same way today.

Your Credit Report

Applying for a credit report in Ireland used to be a pretty onerous task, as you had to download and fill in a form with one of those biro things, and pay with a cheque or postal order. The ICB now allows you to request and pay for your report online, making it a lot easier to check your report on a regular basis. I recommend doing it at least once a year, to make sure there are no errors in the system.