Day: December 1, 2009

Hosting365 loses ICANN Accreditation

Over 28k? Absolutely bizarre. I wonder is it actually Hosting365, or is it misdirected mail for Register365. They only have 900-1000 domains, which hardly seems worth accrediting for in the first place. (Accreditation costs $2.5k up front, $4k a year, $1-2k a quarter, plus 20c per domain; so it ain’t cheap.)

ICANN: Section 3.9 of the RAA requires registrars to timely pay accreditation fees to ICANN, consisting of yearly and variable fees. Hosting365 currently owes ICANN $28,089.20 in past due accreditation fees. Notices regarding Hosting365’s past due accreditation fees, including detailed customer statements, were transmitted to Hosting365 several times over the past year.

On 20 April 2009, ICANN sent Hosting365 a notice of breach of RAA based on Hosting365’s failure to pay past due accreditation fees. Hosting365 failed to cure this breach in the time period allowed by the RAA.

Based on Hosting365’s failure to cure the breach of Section 3.9, and in accordance with Section 5.3 of the RAA, ICANN hereby gives Hosting365 notice that Hosting365’s accreditation will terminate on 4 January 2010.