Day: June 18, 2009

Sloppy Driving

Saw this on telly the other day, a definite “holy god” moment.

Bord Gáis Muppets

Since nobody else has asked yet:

What in fuck’s name was that data doing on a laptop?

Some 75,000 Bord Gais customers have been warned to monitor their bank accounts for suspicious transactions after a laptop computer containing their account details was stolen.

The office of the data protection commissioner told those affected that fraudsters could potentially use their information to withdraw money from their accounts or take out loans in their name.

“The risk may be low but there is a risk,” said deputy data protection commissioner Gary Davis.

Four laptops were stolen from Bord Gáis offices on Foley St in Dublin’s north inner city in the early hours of June 5th.

One of the computers, containing the banking details of around 75,000 people, was not encrypted.

The laptop contains details such as account numbers, home addresses and branch details of people who had recently switched from the ESB as part of Bord Gais’s “big switch” campaign.

via The Irish Times