Day: May 21, 2009

Not that it’ll be that different…

…given my intermittent appearances around here, but I’ll be AFK for a week or so, checking out Malta.

You also missed several posts over the last few days, because I updated to Feedburner and for some reason the FB plugin doesn’t seem to be redirecting the feed correctly in Google Reader, and perhaps other readers. If you use the feed, please update to the following. I’ll re-enable FB when I come back.

Click through if you haven’t seen an update in a few days, I’ve posted a few bits and pieces.

Photo Scanning Services?

Anyone know of a good photo scanning service, here or in the UK? Not enough patience to scan them myself, and it’s hard to know whether the ones in search results are any good.

Witchfinders Direct

From CBBC. Given the dearth of decent original material on “adult” TV, perhaps we should all start working shift and stay at home during the day.