Day: October 29, 2008

G’wan the Pin!

I’m going to channel Damien on this as he’s put it way better than I could:

Everyone’s fav property website (except maybe for Fianna Fáil, the Greens, Daft, MyHome and the developers) has done it again. They were first to point out that the Home Choice Loans scheme was dodgy as fuck and now they’ve raised it with the EU, who are going to investigate it. This is probably the next big scandal from the budget. Stay tuned here. This is people power and the web working for the common good.

Please do follow the link in Damien’s post and file a complaint on this, all you need to do is a couple of minutes copying and pasting, the lads have already done the lifting and carrying for you.

The banks and the builders have done well enough out of us, it needs to stop.

LinkedIn Applications

Good to see LinkedIn still developing their product, but they’re still very much playing catch-up.

Makes little difference to me as I don’t spend much time networking online (awfully un-PC for an Internet consultant to say that I know), but some people do invest a serious amount of time, energy and effort into it, and LinkedIn aren’t cutting the mustard for those people imho. They don’t need to lead the field – business communities rarely do – but a new idea here and there might keep people interested.

It remains my favourite network, but only because the only social networking I’m interested in doing is for business. If I was into it in any way, I’d be spending my time on Facebook. And I hate Facebook, because their privacy policies are in the “scumbag” realm.

Press release follows, slightly munged to fit into the post nicely. Click the logo to start adding applications to your account. (more…)