Day: September 3, 2008

Wedding Pix: Boardsies

I won’t posts photos of ourselves just yet for fear of boring the arse off ye, so here’s a set of Boardsies. Let’s not speculate on what myself and Fysh were talking about in the first one.

Thanks once again, and once more, to Blitzkrieger for letting me drive his wonderful ’67 Lincoln Contintental to the church on the day; and of course to Rymus for taking these brilliant photos!






Nokia BP-6M battery free to good home

Well, I guess it doesn’t necessarily need to be a good home, or even a home for that matter. But in Ireland anyway, so the postage doesn’t cost me.

Never used, got it by mistake in the run-up to the wedding, too much trouble to return. Compatibility info. First come, first served.