Day: May 29, 2008

Look At Me, In The FT!

Bizarre. I got a fair bit of coverage when I was PRO of IrelandOffline, including one moment of international fame on Wired, but the FT? Yowsa!

IT going green: Data centre boasts of ‘Intel-powered heating’: […] Mr Raftery and his business partners, Jerry Sweeny and Adam Beecher, looked at cutting energy costs, and apart from buying some of the most energy-efficient equipment on the market, they came up with several ideas. […]

In truth it’s a little bit previous, since we’ve only just ordered the components to contain the aisles and the heat exchangers are a bit down the road, but we’re not actually generating that much heat yet. 10 cabs occupied though, more reserved; breakeven hoving into view there in the distance! :)