Day: February 4, 2008

MMM: “The next [Bugatti] will be even more expensive”

Autoblog: Rumors of Bugatti’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, while rumors of a second Bugatti model have been confirmed. In a recent interview with an Arabian Gulf journal, Bugatti spokesman Julius Kruta revealed: “Even though it is not economically viable for us, we will do it again. We have bigger plans for the future and the next one from our stables will be even more expensive than the Veyron.”

MMM: Dekotora

I’m not really posting this for any reason beyond the cool image. I’ve never been able to decide if Dekotora itself is actually cool or not.


MMM: Tang Hua Book of Songs

Jalopnik thinks it looks like a willy, but I think you’d have to be a bit willy-ixated to see that tbh. I think it’s cute. Presumably that says something about me.

Tang Hua Book of Songs

MMM: Car Cutaways

Yes Mark, I did scroll all the way down there. Thanks for the link!

Car Cutaways