Day: January 28, 2008

Nokia to acquire Trolltech

Good buy there from Nokia imho.

Trolltech: The acquisition of Trolltech will enable Nokia to accelerate its cross-platform software strategy for mobile devices and desktop applications, and develop its Internet services business. With Trolltech, Nokia and third party developers will be able to develop applications that work in the Internet, across Nokia’s device portfolio and on PCs. Nokia’s software strategy for devices is based on cross-platform development environments, layers of software that run across operating systems, enabling the development of applications across the Nokia device range. Examples of current cross-platform layers are Web runtime, Flash, Java and Open C.

MMM: Holden Crewman

I have a think for pickups so I quite like this, but… is there something of the Omega / Carlton about it…?

Holden Crewman

I reckon an Opel badged version probably isn’t beyond the bounds of possibility.

MMM: 2009 Merc SL

Not very innovative on the design front, but still very classy, which I guess is what they want to achieve anyway.

2009 Merc SL


There’s a bit of the Jag XJ220 about it, but it’s a bit more exciting. If they water down the renderings though, that’s what they’ll end up with. Plus of course, do we really need another supercar maker right now. Particularly right now…


MMM: BMW 9 Series?

This is supposed to slot into the range above the 7, so it’ll surely have to be called a 9 to avoid besmirching the gorgeous 8. Which was a real coup√©, I might add…

BMW 9 Series?