Kneejerk Politics

Do politicians not understand the phrase “proactive”? Policies like these should have been enacted yonks ago, plus of course the contradiction between these and the data retention crap going on in the UK and around the world is past ridiculous, into the realms of Wizard of Oz territory.

EDRI – New data protection rules asked by UK MPs: The Justice Committee of the UK House of Commons issued on 3 January 2008 a report on public data protection summarising the status and development of the topic, especially since the November 2007 Chancellor’s announcement to the Parliament related to the loss of confidential data records of 25 million people by HM Revenue and Customs.

The report that recommends a data breach notification law, criminal penalties for data controllers that are found responsible for breaching security, greater powers and financing for the Information Commissioner’s Office, follows the line of the recommendations made by the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee in August 2007 that were rejected at that time by the government.