Sun acquires MySQL AB

Ooooookaaay. Has the fork already happened or is that later today?

MySQL: After all the industry speculation about MySQL being a “hot 2008 IPO”, this probably takes most of us by surprise — users, community members, customers, partners, and employees. And for all of these stakeholders, it may take some time to digest what this means. Depending on one’s relationship to MySQL, the immediate reaction upon hearing the news may be a mixture of various feelings, including excitement, pride, disbelief and satisfaction, but also anxiety.

Being part of the group planning this announcement for the last few weeks, I have had the fortune to contemplate the consequences during several partially sleepless nights (I usually sleep like a log). And over the coming days and weeks, I’ll provide a series of blogs with various viewpoints of the deal.

(A series of posts Kaj. The whole thing is a blog — weblog, geddit? You’ve been blogging since September ’05, you really should know this stuff.

Oh, and shouldn’t you have included the ‘AB’ in the post title? We both know that Sun can’t actually acquire MySQL per se, but do you not think that the suggestion might just spark a little panic with the lesser informed out there? Like the Diggers that are already going spastic over it?)