Day: January 15, 2008

And so it begins…

Obama’s Name Misspelled On 2,000 Ballots

As Florida’s primary approaches, there are already reported problems concerning ballots in Central Florida

Some 2,000 absentee ballots in Volusia County have been mailed with Barack Obama’s first name misspelled.

On the ballot, the candidate’s name is spelled B-A-R-A-K, Local 6 News reported Sunday.

Supervisor of Elections Ann McFall assured people that the voting equipment will be able to read the ballots despite the error and all votes for the misspelled name will count for Obama.

Yeah right Ann. We believe you because your state has such a trustworthy electoral history.

Sanyo Solar Building

Would’ve been even better if they hadn’t allowed some marketing muppet call it something as pretentious as “Solar Ark”.