Obama’s Paranoia Factor

Unfortunately the Guardian hasn’t seen fit to include an embed feature on their videos, so you’ll have to click through to view this video, sorry.

TBH, although Obama is ultimately the boss of his own campaign, the paranoia of his staff won’t turn me off supporting him. Clinton is a dirty player that could take on the Republicans on their own turf, you’d be paranoid too if you had to go up against her and her staff. But the video does give us an insight to how threatened the Obama team feels, despite the fact that when it was filmed, they must have been feeling fairly upbeat about their chances.

My worry now is that Americans will view NH as the final quarter, rather than the opening bell; that they’ll take NH as a given rather than an indicator, and switch allegiances in the misguided notion that the only way to get a Dem in the house is to go with Clinton. It isn’t, because Clinton can’t win it. Not just because America isn’t ready for a female president, but because it’s quite likely she’ll be up against McCain.

Seriously, next time Clinton’s on the telly, turn off the sound and think of her as the POTUS. It just doesn’t work, right? And next time you see dual head shots of her and McCain, ask yourself which one you’d vote for. See what I mean? She can’t do it.

Now, next time you see Obama on the telly, think of him as the POTUS. Sound off or on, it fits, right? You don’t even need to do the dual head shots with Obama and McCain, it’s a done deal.

(Via Daithí and Damien.)