Day: December 1, 2007

National Library of Ireland Web Crawl

In case you spot an odd-bot.

NLI: In November 2007 the National Library of Ireland is undertaking a comprehensive crawl and harvest of the Ireland web domain using the services of the Internet Archive, the first such crawl of this size. For the purpose of this collection, the Ireland web domain includes .ie domain sites. In addition some sites identified by DNS lookup as having an IP address located in Ireland may be included.

Superb CS from Auctomatic

Unusual to see me praising someone I know, but there are rare exceptions: I had a little trouble logging on to Auctomatic earlier this morning, some kind of bizarre SSL redirect problem, and a few minutes later an email popped into my Inbox telling me they’d spotted me having trouble and they’ll be back rsn.

Twenty minutes later a second email arrives telling me I’m ready for road, and true enough I’m all logged in for another sconce around now. Thanks Philip, I appreciate it. Please, make sure ye keep that kind of proactive support going, ye won’t regret it.

Now lads, have ye set it up so I can import a bunch of SKUs yet? I bought a barcode scanner special… adam wanders off

The Cuteness!

I defy you not to think this is the cutest thing ever!

Fair dues to the Scrubs gang for helping the guy out.

(Via Neatorama.)

Daniel Craig Denies Four More Bonds

Cute hoor. I just hope he doesn’t try a Friends on it, the Brocollis are tough nuts and won’t take kindly to someone cutting into their enormous profits. They’d be fools to let him go though, he’s the best Bond since Connery.

Twitter and the Twits

It’s not me bitching about the spastic nature of Twitter, MySpace, Bebo et al this time, but Rick.

The Post Money Value: A guy wants to come by and pitch his idea.  No problem, come by Tuesday at 3p.  Ok, very cool, so excited to meet you, heard so many things about you, amazing firm you have, etc, etc.

Twitter entry: “Is relieved to have finally, gotten one of these asshole VCs to meet with me on Tuesday, stay tuned, gotta pucker up for this clown.”

Think maybe that guy should look in the mirror, he might spot a red nose. He’ll certainly be seeing a red face. Retard.