Day: November 17, 2007

Colossus Is Back Baby!

No, I haven’t put all that weight back on again. This is the Colossus that cracked German ciphers during WWII, rebuilt over an incredible 14 years in Bletchley Park. Valves an’ all!

I’m going to London in February to buy a whole new set of clothes, so poor old T is going to be dragged all the way to Milton Keynes. :)


Huski Beer Cooler

God, do you remember when you drank enough beer for this to be cool?

CO-ED Magazine: Hodgson is a 22-year-old New Zealand student/inventor that has unlocked the secret of the known universe: how to ice-out a warm beer. Dubbed the Huski, his invention is a portable device (no larger than a pen) that you drop into a bottle of beer. Once Huski hits the bottle it works in an instant, bringing your barely-drinkable beer to a crisp, cool temperature four-times colder than ice.

Huski Beer Cooler