Day: November 5, 2007

MMM: Shiny Shiny S80

I know it’s wrong, but I do like polished aluminium cars; probably since the MTM A8 I used to ogle sneakily via my peripheral vision several years ago. Just goes to show, you can even make a Ford-era Volvo look cool.

Shiny S80

Is the C30 a return to form, or just a cheap effort to play on the oddly satisfying 480?

MMM: Fisker Hybrid

I wanted to post about Fisker’s plugin hybrid concept before, but I couldn’t find a good image of it. Autoblog came up with the goods this week. It’s a corker, isn’t it? Hope this goes into production, then I’ll have a nice saloon – sorry, but the Prius is dog rough – to park next to the Tesla.

Fisker Hybrid

MMM: Suzuki Biplane

Cool bike, but wouldn’t you feel a bit of a langer riding it? Unless it was black of course…

Suzuki Biplane

MMM: Crown Vic RIP

The name might not be familiar to you, but I guarantee you’ve seen dozens of Crown Vics in your evenings in front of the telly, or out in front of the big screen. They come decorated in blues and yellows, and sometimes they are black and whites. Now it looks like they’re on the way out, as Autoblog and TAC tell us that from 2009 they’ll only be available to cops and taxi drivers, and even those sales are threatened. I’ll have – you guessed it – a black one please, Interceptor style.

Crown Vic

MMM: Carbon Exige

TBH I think it looks silly, but I suppose you can’t argue with a weight loss of 82lbs. That’ll be about what I’ve lost by Christmas, and you won’t see me complaining!

Carbon Exige

Have I mentioned I’d happily trade one of my bollocks for an Exige? I only need one anyway.

MMM: Tundra Dually

I know, I know, it’s crass and probably horribly inefficient and plenty of other bad things, I just dig duallies. I blame Mel Gibson for the monster he drove in Lethal Weapon, whatever the hell it was.

Tundra Dually

MMM: Peel P50

If you saw Top Gear last Sunday you’ll have giggled your way through Clarkson driving this “car” around the BBC already, in which case I have a link for you to read thanks to kingdom hoop. If you didn’t, try and lengthen your attention span past the usual YouTube 60 seconds and watch the whole thing, there really are some very funny moments in it.

Please do pass on links for MMM during the week if you come across anything interesting btw, I don’t get a lot of time in my feed reader these days, so it’s a great help!