Day: October 25, 2007

“Entitlement Mentality”

Does anybody in the music industry get it? I hear stories about artists that get it, but I’ve yet to actually meet one. Take Flick here, whose basic premise is:

“As consumers, we seem to feel entitled to have full access to music, and we wince at the thought of paying for it.”

To which one of his commentors responded:

“I like how you just pull numbers straight out of your motherfucking ass. For example, “Someone that received the promotional copy decided to place the album on a Torrent site. Now anyone can download your album for free and you won’t see a single penny.” That’s just bullshit and if you’re too mired in the glory days of ripping off the consumer, then you’re obviously on your way out.”

The emphasis above is mine. Of course Spencer there is a retard for putting it like a petulant child, but he picked up on the exact same sentence I did; a frankly stupid comment in an otherwise reasonable post. (Apart from that contract Flick signed of course; I mean, Jesus! :) (more…)