Day: September 24, 2007

Stephen Fry Blogs

And his first post is about smartphones. I never fail to be impressed by that man. I think he’s a bit harsh on the Treo 680, but by god is he right about Palm in general — I don’t think they know what they fuck they’re doing, never mind their customers.

Perhaps they could take Stephen on to develop and roll out his idyllic 800, which really isn’t asking all that much in the current technical environment. He could replace the fuckwit that came up with the giant waste of time and money that was the Foleo.

(Thank the gods I can say “was“.)

MMM: Stout Scarab

Retro-futuristic concept from Frankfurt perhaps? No, this spaceframe-monocoque MPV, with independent suspension, coil springs, flexible seating and push-button doors, was built in the 1930s by a gent named Bill Stout.

Stout Scarab

Unfortunately it was about four times more expensive than comparable cars, so it’s been consigned to history, it’s innovations mostly forgotten.

(Thanks to kingdom hoop for the pointer.)

MMM: Nice Manta

There’s a difference between liking Mantas and being obsessed with Mantas like Jalopnik, but I do like them, and I’m afraid I’m partial to the old wide body kit too so this one revs me up. Sorry, I know it makes me a bad person, but what can you do?


(The Playboy sticker is a step too far though.)  

MMM: Don’t Want One

It’s just silly, isn’t it. And so un-Audi; even the RS4 is relatively subtle.