“When I Inhaled Alice”

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the eye of a needle images that doing the rounds on the geek news and social networking sites for some time now. Mainstream media finally caught up and proved that although they may be slow on the uptake, they generally do a much better job of reporting than bloggers. Must be the practice, training, etc.

“One of the worst moments was recently when I inhaled Alice,” he recalls.

“I was just putting her in position when I breathed in at the wrong moment and she disappeared. That was nearly a month’s work gone.”

Almost as infuriating was the night when he had just finished attaching a tightrope walker the size of a breadcrumb to a tiny strand of a money spider’s web.

“This fly came buzzing down past the lens and the gust from its wings blew the chap off his tightrope.”