Freelance Tips

Most articles on working freelance either state the obvious to the point of stupidity or witter on with jargon to the point of death, however The 10 Biggest Mistakes Freelancers Make, and How to Avoid Them is a rare exception.

Unfortunately it’s written in the 10 Biggest format Diggers seem to love so much, presumably because of their notoriously short attention spa… oh look, a puppy… but the points are bang on, and the avoidance tactics tend to hit the mark too.

  1. Missing deadlines.
  2. Charging too little.
  3. Lack of preliminary research.
  4. Choosing the wrong clients.
  5. Getting too personal.
  6. Letting off steam.
  7. Not proposing a follow-up idea.
  8. Not having multiple income streams.
  9. Allowing yourself to slack.
  10. Failing to be yourself.

Not sure about the last one, I guess I was too much of an egomaniac for that to happen. ;)