My Enormous Erection

Bet that got your attention. The 24m CIX mast was assembled on site last week, and installed in the courtyard inside our services building yesterday.

EDIT: I’ll post a photo of my own tomorrow.

I think I spy our genset up there too, but I could be wrong about that as the infrastructure for it wasn’t in place the last time I visited. (EDIT: That is the genset, and the chillers are on the roof too!)

At this point the major infrastructural action items remaining are:

  • install UPS system
  • install fire suppression bottles
  • install chillers

We still have a lot of smaller jobs to do though, plus the final build out of the network and moving servers from the computer room to the main data floor.

Gimme a bell if you’re interested in the networking stuff, we’re not happy with the offerings we’ve received so far. Talk about overthinking it! (And overpricing it.)