Google AdSense Optimisation Muppetry

Google offered to optimise one of my sites a few days ago, for the second time. The first time my revenues took a dive so I was naturally sceptical, but they’re sinking all by themselves now anyway, so I said I’d give it a shot. The attached is a screenshot of the very first suggestion in their optimisation list. I haven’t included a thumbnail because you really need to see the full size image to appreciate the sheer stupidity of it. I can only imagine what my users would think or do if I tried to implement this idiocy.

I despair of what Google is becoming, I really do. In the past month I’ve had to threaten them with the Data Protection Act several times over multiple implicit refusals to delete an AdWords account; I’ve had a very frustrating conversation with them over a leak of someone else’s private data to my email account, that demonstrates carelessness and ignorance about privacy; and now they throw this shit at me. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to start dumping Gmail, Calendar, etc. They’re hardly leading the field in anything but search anymore anyway.