Day: June 11, 2007

IBM 704

IBM 704

Shorpy: This network of black magnetic beads, smaller than a postage stamp, is one of a number of input-output “memory” units in the new “704” electronic calculator built by International Business Machines. This particular “memory” unit of the 704 instantaneously strips all information off a slow-moving punch card, stores the data momentarily in the form of magnetic charges, and passes along the individual items, one at a time, to a lightning-fast calculating section, which can handle around 10 million operations an hour, theoretically replacing 3,000 hand-operated adding machines. Orders are in for over thirty 704’s, which I.B.M. will rent at some $20,000 a month each.


Fiver says one’ll be available online by the end of the summer. is a National Consumer Agency website I came across in a review on Are all these new agencies and websites a precursor to a new era of customer-oriented business in Ireland? I’m not seeing it. Sure, companies say they’re more customer-focused, but in my opinion this is only happening because their services are getting worse. And the customer focus is pretty shoddy anyway, CS departments that talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. An ineffective CS department is worse than not having one at all. Ask UTV, who have the worst on the planet.

Bugbear of the week is An Post, who’ve lost mail sent to both my business and home addresses, and don’t seem to be able to correct the problem. Two parcels in the last two weeks to my home address, a vehicle licencing certificate and a cheque to my business address. That’s just the stuff I’ve spotted myself.

Creation Museum’s ‘Adam’ runs porn site

You couldn’t make it up.

WTOL-TV Toledo: The man picked by the Creation Museum to play Adam leads quite a different life outside the Garden of Eden. Records show that Eric Linden owns a pornographic web site called “Bedroom Acrobat.”