Babies and Marriage, Babies and Marriage

(To the tune of Love and Marriage, if you didn’t get it.)

In a great example of disruptive lawmaking, gay rights activists in Washington have introduced Initiative 957, which would require heterosexual couples to have kids within three years, or have their marriages annulled.

Why? Because in upholding Washington’s ban on same-sex marriage last year, the State Supremes concluded that “limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples furthers the state’s interests in procreation and encouraging families with a mother and father and children biologically related to both”.

Of course the Initiative is being introduced somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as you’d guess (and the activists clearly say themselves), but that doesn’t stop the thickos speaking out against it. Big props to head thicko Janet Pierce on that front, for making a special effort to miss the point completely.

Like, duh?