Day: January 31, 2007

California Assemblyman wants non-CFL ban

I would’ve expected a less sensationalist headline from Reuters, but I guess sensible people that actually have the balls to admit that we need to address the global warming issue are still being labelled treehuggers and faggots in collectively-stupid America*.

Personally, I think this is a great idea, and although it would be difficult to implement technically, you can at least get every single inefficient lightbulb in a public building changed, and stop the sale of them altogether.

* STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I don’t have a problem with America or Americans, in fact I love the premise it’s based on, I’ve liked most Americans I’ve met, and I’d really like to visit there. But seriously guys, on a collective level, do you want fries with that?

Windows Vista Upgrade Decision Flowchart

Despite the fact that it comes from BBspot*, it’s pretty accurate. Upshot:

  1. If you’re not running 2K or XP, don’t bother, your computer won’t be up to it anyway.
  2. If you’re using it for business, wait for SP1.
  3. If you’re a home user with the brains to support yourself and lots of money, go ahead.

I’m usually a first mover when it comes to these things, and having tried a late beta I was tempted to go for it, but I’ve decided to be sensible and stick with XP.

The upsides (the main one being Explorer navigation) just don’t outweight the downsides (compatibility, possible stability issues, etc).

* BBspot is a humour site. You’d be surprised how many people don’tget this. Even more than The Onion.

Quinn Direct to take on BUPA customers

They say they’re a new entrant and thus shouldn’t pay risk equalisation, and the Quinn rep on 6.1 news was talking about an even playing fields. Which begs the questions:

  1. Are they a new entrant? They’re certainly not a new entrant to the insurance market.
  2. Did approve the takeover and thus approve Quinn’s assertions on the aforementioned?
  3. What happens in three years, when the exemption expires?

Watching the Quinn rep on 6.1 was a hoot. He can’t maintain eye contact with a tv camera, never mind a human being.

Why you need to think carefully about who you buy your domain name from, and why domain registrars shouldn’t be allowed to delete or suspend your domain name without due process. Of course this isn’t the first time GoDaddy screwed up in a major, major way — last time they took a complete DC offline.