vBulletin threatens site over ‘depravity’

Jelsoft is the British developer of the popular vBulletin forum software that I use on Foot.ie and several other sites. They pay a third party, Howard Spinks, primarily to manage their licencing, but also for plausible deniability in the cases where he fucks up. (He’s your lawyer Jelsoft; he’s your responsibility.)

Like this one, where he’s effectively ordered a site to remove “morally devoid” comments from the site in order to “avoid a likely revocation of license”. Or the time he threatened me with legal action – despite having zero ability to follow through on it – because he didn’t do his homework and check licencing correctly. In other words he’s a scumbag opportunist that gives real lawyers a bad name.

Whatever about the moral standing of the posts in questions – I don’t doubt they were dodgy – trying to somehow police how software is used is not just ignorant, it’s positively stupid. One can only hope Jelsoft will finally put this monkey outside the door. They’re already trying to put the fire out on their forum.